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Here's what previous clients have to say about MCT Online Coaching Programmes.


I have been coached by Michael for nearly a year now, and honestly cannot recommend him enough. Despite several lockdowns, many months of gym closures and my lack of powerlifting equipment at home, under Michael’s guidance I have still managed to make really good progress and significantly increase my 1RM on all my lifts. Michael has proven to be very knowledgeable and adaptable, switching seamlessly from powerlifting programming when the gyms were open to having to put together creative home workouts taking into account my very limited equipment. Michael is very responsive to messages, and always answers my questions clearly and in detail. He is keen to find out how my training is going, and has given me some really useful feedback on my form videos. He has been very supportive when I have experienced any difficulties with training, and his constant support gives me a lot of confidence in my abilities. Having Michael as a coach has made a huge difference to my training and mindset.


Great coaching for strength training, always explains everything in the programme and his technical advice made me lift way stronger and safer. Always willing to change the programme to suit my personal needs and questions always answer in full. Literally the only reason i'm still competing in powerlifting as his training has given me massive personal bests and 3 British records.

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I've been training along side Michael for around 2 years now as well as getting my programs from him. Every personal training session I have it gives me more insight in lifting techniques. I have never known anyone with so much knowledge and the commitment in the sport that he has. He has helped me with power lifting competitions and I have gain the strength that I thought I never had.



I had been going to the gym for a few years, following a 531 program but not getting the results I wanted. I contacted Michael about Online Coaching for Powerlifting around 2 years ago and in that time my whole outlook on training has changed for the better. My strength has made consistent progress while my bodyweight has come down. Michael offers weekly check ins to review that week's training and adjusts the program accordingly, even during lockdown when I had no equipment Michael adapted the program to keep the sessions challenging and enjoyable. I was one of the first people to trail Michaels nutrition plan for 12 weeks during the first lockdown and during this time I lost almost 10% of my bodyweight on a sustainable and balanced diet, no foods were “banned” and hunger/energy levels were normal for any diet, once I got back in the gym I found it only took a few weeks to get back to previously strength levels at a much lower bodyweight. As with the strength programming Michael reviewed the diet every week and adjusted to my needs. I still use the knowledge and principles implemented in those 12 weeks today, and would recommend MCT to anyone looking to improve performance and /or loose weight in a sustainable way.



I first met Michael through our mutual friend and straight away it was easy to see the passion Michael had for all things strength, fitness and powerlifting related. My initial thoughts were that this guy not only looked the part, being a strong 6ft 0’’man mountain, but he also seemed to have a real in-depth knowledge about strength training and nutrition which became more evident the better I got to know him. Michael started coaching me back in June 2016, at which point I had already been powerlifting for 18 months, in the 93kg weight class. My current total was 610KG which consisted of a 200kg Squat, 155kg Bench and a 255KG deadlift. Over them 18 months I had made some progress, but it was slow and beginning to plateau quickly. Skip forward to my last competition, I totalled 675kg in the 93kg weight class, consisting of a 225kg Squat, 170kg Bench and 280kg Deadlift, with a few extra kilos left in the tank on each one of the lifts. This unbelievable progress is testament to Michael’s coaching, programming and guidance, which without, I would most definitely not be the stronger, more experienced lifter that I am today.

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