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michael cook

Online Coach & Performance Dietitian

INVESTED in strength training for close to a decade.  During which I have progressed considerably from a physical standpoint as well as developing my understanding of the theories that drive progress. 


COMPETED at regional and national with success at both levels.  My competition PBs are 290kg squat, 202.5kg bench press and 300kg deadlift. I believe having this wealth of personal experience forms a solid foundation for other important coaching skills to develop. Having been through what a lot of clients are currently experiencing in the gym, I can relate to them to a greater degree. 

QUALIFIED as a PT in 2015, progressed to a BSc in Sports And Exercise Science and recently completed a Masters degree in Dietetics. My goal is to combine the knowledge I have gained in strength sports and nutrition to provide a safe, effective and evidence-based service.

EXPERIENCED the frustrations of making no progress in the gym for long periods of time. I thought training harder was the answer or a new flashy program that promises considerable results in short periods of time. This led to me feeling burnt out and switching to yet another program. It took a while for me to realise that just training ‘harder’ isn't the answer. As you become more advanced, making progress becomes a much more nuanced approach. Let me take control of the organisation of your training so you can focus solely on your performance.

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