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I help committed individuals who are tired of switching training and diet programs and are not getting the results they want. I use my decade of training experience and role as a registered dietitian to optimise physique and strength potential.


​MCT offers knowledge and expertise to improve performance. This is achieved using evidence-based strategies and techniques whilst also having the awareness and openness to consider and implement emerging strategies in the field.


Knowledge is only one part of the puzzle. Expressing this knowledge in a way that makes sense to you is crucial. MCT offers advice on skills that are physical (technique analysis, warm-up strategies, etc.), mental (focus, imagery, mindset) and cognitive (strategies and tactics to achieve goals). Using a collaborative approach, we will explore which strategies are best suited to you.


Having a clear plan to follow and a coach to hold you accountable will keep you on track. Designated training and rest days can help improve adherence to training. Through regular communication we can develop a program that meets all your requirements.

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